Crossing industries and creating opportunities.

In our global service and investment approach, we cross-industries knowledge to unfold new business opportunities for our customers. We develop, in a profound and constant way, the core insights, the best sales strategies, the technical expertise, and the global legal implications for each industry, that allow us to be a trusted partner on every aspect of the investment and business.

Beauty Care & Cosmetics

We organize and manage business investments in the development and implementation operations of products.

Real Estate
Construction & Tourism

We develop local projects, and local operations, on investments in the real estate sector, encompassing construction and regarding the tourism sector too.

Infrastructures & Services

Our scope of expertise in the transportation industry, covers all mass transit systems, from the railway to aeronautics.


Our expertise range in the environment industry, covers waste triage & management, leachate plants, or landfills.

and Utilities

Hydraulic infrastructure and services, dams, desalination and sewerage plants, management and planning, oil & gas infrastructure, are part of our services in the energy sector.